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The Benefits of Being a Tall Sexy Woman...

It's only in the last few months that I've grown into my 'persona' as a taller sexy woman. You wouldn't think it to look at me now, but this tall woman used to feel more the lanky, unattractive loser.

I was always that little bit taller than the girls in my class, and we all know how cruel kids can be; they pick up on anything that is slightly left-field. I guess constantly being labelled a 'freak of nature' or 'Lanky Lucinda' got to me more than I even realised. Don't get me wrong, I've always considered myself to be a dominant woman; it's hard to fade into the background when you're significantly taller than the average woman! But I never considered myself to be a tall sexy woman, and it's only now that I realise just how many years I've wasted beating myself up about a physical attribute which could have so easily worked in my favour.

Now that I consider myself to be a Tall Sexy Womanstrong tall sexy woman, I've found that there are many advantages to being taller (and I'm not talking about being able to reach the last packet of biscuits on the top shelf of the supermarket!). I've discovered that having an additional bit of height can be an attractive characteristic to a number of men. In particular, hot young hunks often favour a sexy tall woman who towers over them. I've even found that being older than them is a huge plus-point.

Take my current partner, for example. Simon is a buff young twenty-something who just loves to be dominated by a tall sexy woman like me. He likes the fact that I look like I can handle myself; I don't accept immaturity in any shape or form and can more than hold my own in an argument. In fact, Simon relishes the fact that other men can often appear a little intimidated by a sexy tall woman such as me. It's no wonder that some of them appear nervous: when I put on my killer heels, a tight body-sculpting dress and a lipstick smile I certainly am a sight to behold!

A lot of men still feel the need to take on the role of 'protector', and I can understand why some of them would be apprehensive of a tall sexy woman like me. There's no doubt that I don't look like the sort of woman who would need looking after, and therefore their traditional role as 'caretaker' is obsolete. Men like that prefer pretty wallflowers who look to them for assurance: that's certainly not me!

I suppose in my current relationship with Simon I have somewhat more of a 'manly' role. That's not to say that he's particularly feminine, but he loves the fact that I am a tall sexy woman who is physically protective of him. I look out for him and his needs and when we're on a night out you can be sure that any females, younger or more mature, know exactly who he's going home with that evening! Yes, I adore the sensual, suggestive side of being a tall sexy woman, and I work hard to develop this persona.

I now see my role as being that of a sexy pin up, and in that respect I realise that I have to work hard to retain that image. That means four-times-weekly work out sessions at the gym in order to retain toned elongated muscles (particularly in my legs), an intense beauty regime and even the services of a personal shopper to ensure that I choose the most flattering styles of clothes that suit my tall, lithe frame.

However, Sexy Tall Womenit's not always been easy. I'm all too aware that some men consider it unappealing for a dominant woman to appear so in tune with her femininity; so unafraid to put herself out there as a confident alpha female. Through time I've met a number of older females who seem afraid to present themselves in the role of tall sexy woman: females who wear flats on nights out rather than tower over potential partners in a pair of sexy kitten heels or skyscraper wedges. It may seem like madness to me now to be ruled by what society deems acceptable, but I am all too aware of how trying to fit into particular 'mould' can get you so beaten down.

That's why I'm so thankful for my partnership with Simon. I've met a number of young men like him who are only too happy to enjoy tall sexy women for themselves. Some of them like to be dominated sexually, others prefer that 'mothering' side of a relationship with an alpha female.

Whichever way you look at it, my new found role as a sexy tall woman suits my personality and lifestyle perfectly. I applaud each and every strong, tall sexy woman out there who is unafraid to stand out from the crowd. And if that crowd consists of hot young hunks looking for passionate encounters with sexy tall women, all the better!

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