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Pretty Older Women -
Natural Reality or Oxymoron?

Pretty older women - a contradiction in terms? Society's default perspective seems to equate beauty with youth. Taken to the extreme there lies the assumption that maturity and beauty are mutually exclusive. We are bombarded with images of hot young things in magazines, on TV, billboards and thousands of web sites which promote the traditional notion that beauty is skin-deep. This emphasis on the physical and superficial can sometimes make the notion of romantically successful, pretty older women seem like a mere myth.

The reality of course is that pretty older women do existPretty Older Women. Next time you're out in a busy town or City, take a minute to notice the multitude of beautiful older women walking amongst the crowds on a daily basis. Look at any bustling high street, crowded bar or busy cafe and you'll see that rare creature; poised and confident, the true epitome of a strong sexy woman. And what's more, they are very likely to be turning the heads of the younger guys with their classic beauty and often understated style.

From the perspective of the younger man, pretty older women are an attractive prospect for a number of reasons. Many older women seem to have developed an easy, natural ability to look ten years younger than their actual age, simply by knowing exactly what suits them; with experience comes the knowledge and comprehension of which cut or style will flatter and complement their body shape. Sexy older females regularly turn heads with their tailored, sharp business suits or defining pencil skirts. The carefully selected scarf or piece of statement jewellery often serve to accentuate their best features. Most importantly, a strong sexy woman always dresses for herself, choosing to wear what she feels most comfortable and confident in.

Really sexy women, irrespective of age, know the tricks of the trade that will enable them to make the most of what they've got - to capitalize on their natural beauty. There is a proliferation of tips and proven ideas on how to look younger, from hairstyles for mature women to makeup for older women. Mature women can readily look ten years younger than they really are which is often the positive payback from investment in an extensive care routine through which they keep skin hydrated, wear a protective sun block when outside for long periods of time, and use quality face and eye creams to ward off wrinkles. For example, beautiful older women often avoid heavy foundations and dark eye makeup, favouring lighter, liquid foundations and neutral or pastel eye shadows.

The glorious reality of pretty older women in contemporary society is a robust challenge to society's shortsighted preconceptions that beauty is intrinsically linked to youth. The goalposts have shifted in recent years; with women no longer being afforded such traditional roles of cook, cleaner and carer, many sexy older females Sexy Older Femaleshave become empowered and live life on their terms. Medical and scientific advances have made most people aware of the damaging effects of cigarette smoke, sunlight and UV rays on the skin. Smart older women avoid these risks or take steps to counter their effects; their younger counterparts however may often adopt more cavalier attitudes.

Younger men will often be drawn to pretty older women over women in their own age group - often there is one key differentiator: quiet, inner confidence. While a young woman may look physically attractive, she is often hung up on her looks, and insecure about what others think of her appearance. She may be a dedicated follower-of-fashion but not be tuned-in to what suits her body shape; her clothes may be ill-fitting in an attempt to appear slimmer or she may choose the underwear that spoils of the overall look that she is trying to achieve. Savvy older women will select underwear that will help to define and accentuate their best features, further boosting their confidence, leading to improved posture and more positive body language.

It is these most basic elements of appearance and attraction which are likely to cause a man to turn around in the street to take that second look, or to be drawn to a woman in a crowded bar. And it is these defining points which give Pretty older women a seemingly unlikely advantage over younger females; in this context time is most definitely on their side.

It may sound like a tired cliche, but when it comes to the dating scene, the experience that beautiful older females Beautiful Older Femalescan offer eager young guys is often what makes such an attractive proposition to start off with. With time comes an undeniable knowledge of a person's positive and negative personality traits and an ability to use this to their advantage. For example, pretty older women may play on their worldly-wise personas when in the company of younger men who are seeking women with a wealth of life experience. Similarly, many mature women who have experienced a variety of relationships may be aware that a younger man often relishes a woman who understands his need to feel appreciated. A strong sexy woman will be able to recognise these emotional needs and act on them: a characteristic not so equally afforded to younger females.

So often for an older woman, it is her inner confidence and security which underpins and enhances her physical beauty. Although many mature women look younger than their years, what a casual flick of well-groomed hair or flash of dazzling white teeth says about them is not simply 'look at me', but 'look at who I am'. The aging process may change physical features to a certain degree, but it does not rob pretty older women of their positive attitudes, enviable style or interactions with others. Younger men love older women who ooze spirit and belief in themselves: it really is all about confidence. Men are largely unconcerned if a woman has a hair out of place, if they've put on a little weight or if they have the perfect body.

Attractiveness is about so much more than clothes, accessories, makeup and hair. Pretty older women who have the advantage of experience understand these realities and effortlessly use their heightened insight to their advantage.

Society may sometimes view women of a certain age in a negative light, but perhaps we should all take a closer look the next time we're in a busy high street, bar or cafe: those pretty older women may be able to teach us all a thing or two.

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