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Older Women Seducing Younger Men
A Contemporary Phenomenon?

Older women seducing younger men. I've discovered a cracking little bar. And the reason this establishment has become my favourite pub? It's a haunt for the older woman seducing the younger man. It's a cougar watering hole.

I know the concept of older women seducing young men leaves some of my office colleagues cold. I love arguing with them, pointing out older women with younger men is actually a far more desirable state of affairs than dating giggling, self-obsessed youngsters. But I am secretly relieved at their blinkered outlook. The more idiots who would run a mile rather than be seduced by a cougar, the less competition for me. Because I adore the concept of older women seducing younger men.

I came across this pub during a pub crawl someone had arranged. We were raising money for charity. On initial appearances this joint didn't seem different to any of our usual city centre haunts. Until I noticed the higher than average percentage of hot older women.

Older women seducing younger men do not do this obviously. Mature women seducing younger men employ a variety of sophisticated feminine guiles. And provided the young guy on the receiving end has a modicum of taste and intelligence, he will positively relish becoming the object of a cougar's attention.

For the first ten minutes or so inside this bar I was enduring the usual inane small-talk from some of the girls from my office. I had to deflect some flattering but unrequited flirting. Then, just as I was least expecting it, it happened. I had been singled out by an attractive middle-aged woman.

In terms of older women seducing younger men, I had stumbled across a veritable veteran. And in a good way. Such a good way. Firstly, I was hardly aware I was being chatted up. The cougar in question simply sidled towards me, pausing to make a compliment about the aftershave I was wearing. (The fact she identified the precise brand was an early indicator of someone of refined and discerning taste). Older Women Seducing Younger MenIt was certainly a far more sophisticated approach than some youngster barging into me then demanding I buy her a drink.

The conversation quickly developed. Because another aspect of older women seducing younger men is they don't feel any need to rush into things. They're not always covert as to their intentions. They employ subtlety. I myself might shy away from any woman who drunkenly threw herself at me, regardless of her age. But cougars simply don't behave like that.

Within minutes she had teased various interests from me. We were conversing fluently about our favourite restaurants, the last movies we enjoyed, ideal holiday destinations.

Naturally, I offered to buy her a drink. It was only when I was returning from the bar that I had a chance to really admire her physically. And this mature woman was stunning.

Older women seducing younger men do have some groundless stereotypes thrown their way. They are likely to be portrayed as middle-aged man-eaters, all cleavage and caked-on makeup.

The reality couldn't be more different. Mature women make the most of their assets. Because they are strong individuals, often financially comfortable and supremely confident, they don't follow trends. The herd-like devotion of the young to the latest high street fashions is anathema to the older woman.

My cougar was dressed in an expertly tailored suit, the collar of her blouse opened around her neck, her top button undone to reveal the hint of her curves. While she spoke affably, she occasionally bowed forward to emphasise a point. Of course, what she was really doing, deliciously brazenly, was offering me tantalizing glimpses of her fabulous physique. She was an expert in her craft, and I basked in the attention. I felt as if I was sleep walking in a text-book scene of an Older Woman Seducing a Younger Manolder woman seducing a younger man.

Older women seducing younger men, despite being in the singleton minority, really do make the whole dating thing seem effortless. When it comes to age-gap relationships, a whole set of fine lines need to be observed. A mature woman chatting to a younger guy, and far more familiar with the ways of the world, can run the risk of sounding patronising. She might be far more financially secure but will not want to give the impression she is simply out to entrap some toy boy to lavish her attentions on. And in terms of relationships, a likely reality is that she may have had far more experience. Older women seducing younger men can positively ooze with sexuality.

But cougars are experts in employing their feminine charms. They are Masters, or rather Mistresses of the Art of Seduction. They would never dream of patronising someone they would like to get to know better. In financial matters, as with anything else, they always employ discretion. And as for earthly pleasures, older women seducing younger men do so effortlessly. They know exactly when to turn on the charm, when to resort to some sassy flirting, when to smoulder with passion, when to take their partners on wild, abandoned, erotic white water journeys.

Older women seducing young men have scuppered my chances of having relationships with girls my own age. Ever. Not that I'm complaining.

Needless to say, that night I left it to my colleagues to continue with the sponsored pub crawl. All I could focus on was the fact I had inadvertently stumbled into a cougar hunting ground, a wonderful arena for older women seducing younger men.

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