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Hot Cowboy Hunks
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Hot Cowboy Hunks. 'There. That should do it!' Lisa put the finishing touches to her make-up, and allowed herself a satisfied smile - hopefully the long skirt and daring blouse would rope her in a hot cowboy hunk Hot Cowboy Hunksthis evening. She twirled in the mirror, taking in the transformation from an average looking forty-something to a fairly convincing take on a Texas ranch girl.

'I can't believe I allowed myself to be dragged into this!' Sarah moaned. 'I look like mutton dressed up as country bumpkin lamb. I wore these skirts the first time around. If my daughter sees me in this, she'll think that I've raided her wardrobe!'

Lisa just smiled. 'Look' she said firmly. 'How often do you spend time away from that husband of yours? Jim's a gentleman, but tonight's a night to go all Thelma and Louise on him, so just let your bonny country lass locks down and try to enjoy yourself, ok?'

'Besides,' added Felicity, 'you've been with Jim for ages. There'll be so many sexy cowboys that I'm sure you can pick out husband number two. A younger and more attractive husband number two. You never know, he might even have his own ranch!'

Sarah stayed sulking on the bed. 'Oh great, I get to be a milk maid as well as a housewife.' With that, Lisa grabbed her friend by the wrist and dragged her down to the waiting taxi.

A few minutes later they were walking towards a bar in the centre of town. Several people turned to look at their rather unusual choice of attire, although Lisa was too nervous to take notice. This was a special occasion. She and her friends were attending a Cougar night; her first time as an officially 'out' Cougar, and the first time in ten years that she had dared to wear fancy dress. Still clutching at Sarah's hand, they grinned at each other, took a big breath, and stepped inside.

The bar was already packed - as full of sexy cowboys as she could possibly wish. The girls wound their way through the crowd, eyeing up the talent. Felicity spotted her squeeze standing at the bar and they jostled their way over, Lisa barely able to take her eyes off the multitude of hot cowboy hunks strutting around the room in leather boots and half-buttoned checked shirts.

She leant on the bar to get a better view of the room. Natalie leant towards her - 'Just look at all those gorgeous young cowboys Lisa! And to think, every single one of these hot cowboy hunks is here because they want to be with women like us!' Natalie licked her lips and turned away.

Lisa couldn't help but grinning, this was already turning out to be a night to remember - the reality was finally catching up with her. She was in a bar. Filled with men. Young and sizzlingly hot cowboy hunks to be precise. And every one of these men was interested in playing the cub to her cougar! Here, she wouldn't have to worry about being too old or too 'mature'. Here she could talk and flirt with hot cowboy hunks without being mistaken for someone's mother, and maybe even rustle a hot cowboy hunk Hot Cowboy Hunkof her own!

Lost in thought, she almost missed one of the very sexy cowboys she had been daydreaming about tipping his hat at her from across the bar. He motioned for her to come closer, and she moved forward instinctively, drawn by his dark stubble and chiselled brow. Without warning, he clasped her hand, brushing his lips against it with a kiss, his piercing blue eyes looking up into hers. With just a little hint of nervousness, she felt herself blushing at this old fashioned gesture. He motioned for her to follow him, and she took hold of his hand, her stomach turning somersaults at the firmness of his grasp.

She looked back towards the bar, where her friends were already being descended upon by several rugged, gorgeous and determined young men. She grinned at the sight of Sarah waving an empty martini glass in a desperate attempt to keep a rather keen suitor at bay. She caught Lisa's eye and gave her a nervous 'please-don't-leave-me-here-with-these-people' grimace. Too late, Lisa's hot cowboy hunk was already pulling her through the crowd towards the dance floor, where yet more of the seemingly never ending supply of hot cowboy hunks were cosying up to their country dames.

Lisa's cowboy drew her into an embrace, and for a moment their bodies closed together. She stepped back and looked up at him, in the next movement swiping the hat from his head and neatly placing it on her own. With no more than a cheeky backwards glance, she bounced away towards the bar, giggling as he followed her in hot pursuit. He was going to have to try harder than that to rope this cowgirl.

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