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Classy Sexy Women
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Classy sexy women is a succinct description that speaks volumes. It conjures a series of evocative images. Thinking of classy mature women I immediately picture a stylish bar with subdued lighting. I visualise a refined, elegant woman, savouring a fine cocktail, her alluring eyes taking in her surroundings with a cool detachment. Just to lock into that stare for a second is to become transfixed.

A fantasy but one that is not all that far-fetched. Because classy older women are out there. And they are the epitome of mature femininity.

Those hot-blooded males who can't resist their charms are living in exciting times. The classy sexy women that are so mesmerising today are the pinnacle of an evolution that goes way back.

Victorian times represented a time of restraint. It was also a period of extreme opposites. There were classy sexy women. And there were streetwalkers. The former were prized for their natural beauty. They knew how to highlight their attributes without resorting to the gaudy colours favoured by the latter. Subtle shades were employed although the very act of using cosmetics was sometimes frowned upon. Naturally, this hint of scandal just made their use all the more desirable.

At this time classy sexy women were establishing themselves in society after centuries of living in the shadows of males. They would spend time looking after themselves. Their hair would be tied back from the face and teased into a French pleat, a bun, or plaits. Long, gentle curls were coaxed down, creating a sophisticated look.

By the so-called 'Roaring Twenties' women were becoming even sexier. The average skirt hemline rose until women were displaying brazen amounts of leg, daring to reveal knees. Arms were similarly exposed. Contemporary fashions evolved from ladylike laces and rich, draping satins that covered every inch, to fringed dresses that provided far less modest coverage.

With the advent of popular cinema, silver-screen idols appeared in every town centre. Sexy European women were presented with cool icons to emulate. The classy womanClassy Woman became sassy, independent, and unafraid to flaunt her sexuality in a way that would've shocked her Victorian predecessors.

Flapper girls, as they were known, loved to party. They would dance exuberantly, and into the small hours. Defying the accepted norm of the day wasn't seen as something to shy away from. It was accepted as a challenge. Mature women saw the need to assert their individuality.

Classy sexy women smoked, drank, vocalised their opinions, and took risks. They didn't flinch from colourful language. When it came to relationships they enjoyed a no-strings, often promiscuous lifestyle.

The after-effects of the First World War contributed to the impetus for this newfound confidence. A generation of women were faced with fewer eligible partners. They were in no position to hover at the side of any dancefloor, demurely fluttering fans while waiting to be approached. Social conventions had been shattered. A philosophy arose that life could be short and had to be seized.

Corsets were abandoned in favour of elastic-webbed girdles. These often had suspenders attached for holding stockings. Here was the origin of the evocative underwear so beloved of modern classy sexy women.

Heavy cotton bloomers gave way for much lighter weight knickers, chemises and petticoats. Stockings became more sheer, often barely covering knees. The newest models gave the provocative appearance that stockings weren't being worn at all. This was taken to further extremes by the adding of embroidery around the ankles, up to the knees.

The flapper era introduced bold jewellery. Beads were piled in multiple layers. Ear-rings, which had previously been daintily concealed, became a focal point. British, French and Italian women sported art deco designs, tasteful handbags, sequins, and all manner of jewels that flashed brilliantly on the dancefloors.

One of the era's most defining tends was the bobbed haircut. This was a sleek, angular style, far shorter than the Victorian tresses. This sophisticated cut was the essence of a new type of femininity. For classy sexy women it was a bold statement of empowerment and sophistication. It was also decidedly non-virginal. Admitting a taste for promiscuity was no longer a social taboo.

There were further innovations for the refined woman. Instead of excusing themselves to visit the powder room, compacts and lipsticks were produced at the table. The accessory industry was born.

The flapper marked a new dawn for the classy sexy woman. The shackles of the past were cast aside and a whole ideology took root, celebrating courage, independence and ambition. These attributes were to continue to simmer up to the 1960s, when skirts got shorter and love even freer. Although classy sexy womenClassy Sexy Women felt the full benefits of the social revolutions reverberating through western society, they remained acutely aware of their feminine wiles. Classy older women did not become hippies. On the campuses of Britain, the US and western Europe, the youth were preaching love and peace. The more mature women embraced the spirit of the more progressive society while remaining equally devoted to style and beauty.

The flower power children went for long, unkempt hair and saw no need to beautify themselves for men. But older, refined women were enjoying a social whirlwind of exciting music, dazzling fashion and provocative cinema, and were dressing to impress.

So classy sexy women have been evolving for a considerable period. But throughout history there have been constants, and these are recognisable to this day. Classy women are completely in control of the factors that make them irresistible to men - although it is equally important to them to do the things that make them feel good. Some of their attributes are synonymous with different cultures. In France, classy sexy women are renowned as particularly appreciative of fine wines and haute cuisine; although true class knows no international frontiers.

Classy sexy women may at times seem self-centred, aloof even. But nothing could be further from the truth. They are simply cool, sophisticated and confident, and they care passionately about the things that matter to them. And for a younger man who gets the chance to matter to a classy sexy women, life can become full of rich delights.

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